Pros of Graco LiteRider LX

  • Low weight
  • Modest
  • Agreeable seat
  • 3-point/5-point restriction frameworks
  • One-hand crease
  • Cushioned handlebar
  • Look a-boo window with a fold spread
  • Back brakes and front-wheel locks

CONS of Graco LiteRider LX

Graco LiteRider LX Travel System Ame

  • Can’t stand upstanding all alone
  • Not the best parent and kid plate

The Graco LiteRider LX Travel System is the improved adaptation of the organization’s LiteRider Model (without the LX). Intended for ordinary use, this carriage centers around the minimum necessities, in spite of the fact that it introduces some pleasant highlights that transform it into an enticing offer.

Its fundamental selling point is low weight – LiteRider LX Stroller weighs just 16.85 pounds and is in this manner exceptionally simple to ship and store. Additionally, the model acknowledges the greater part of Graco’s InFant Car Seat and can be changed into a certifiable Travel System.

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The model can oblige youngsters as much as 50 pounds of weight and can be leaned back into two positions. Both the 3-point and the 5-point tackle can be used here, and there is additionally the one-hand overlap instrument that is so profoundly looked for by guardians. There is likewise a cushioned handlebar, the parent and kid plate, four hard-elastic wheels, two back breaks, just as the covering with a look a-boo window.

In spite of the fact that not the most intricate lightweight carriage available, the Graco LiteRider LX Baby Stroller without a doubt merits a more top to bottom look. In the accompanying passages, we’ll investigate its highlights and help our perusers decide whether it’s the correct decision for their needs.

Graco LiteRider LX Travel System Ames Buy Online

Specifications of Graco LiteRider LX

  • Buggy weight – 16 lbs
  • Weight limit – 50 lbs
  • Collapsed measurements – 19″ x 14″ x 33″
  • Stature limit – 43″
  • Sexual orientation – Unisex
  • Outfit framework – 3-point, 5-point

Features of Graco LiteRider LX


Luckily, collapsing and unfurling this lightweight pushchair is simple one-hand work. In any case, not at all like numerous different buggies fabricated by Graco, this one doesn’t have a collapsed stature that makes it simple to drag it behind you as you’re strolling. When collapsed, the Graco LiteRider LX Baby Travel System has a state of a short, rectangular box, which implies that conveying it is the main practical arrangement.

Graco LiteRider LX Travel System Ames MrStroller

This accompanies a huge favorable position, however – the model’s smaller crease makes it simple to store it in pretty much every vehicle trunk. It’s a genuine space saver and an incredible decision for the guardians who possess littler autos.


With a backrest stature of 16″, this pushchair suits kids that are no taller than 43″ and not heavier than 50lbs. This implies most guardians will have the option to receive at any rate several years of utilization in return.

Tragically, the model’s seat accompanies a noteworthy drawback – it doesn’t lean back level. There are just two lean back situations here, and they are right down and as far as possible up. The seat is entirely agreeable, be that as it may, and will without a doubt give your little one brilliant riding experience.


The sunshade present on this carriage is of normal size. It includes a basic look a-boo window with work netting, which can be secured with the assigned fold spread. Probably the best thing here is that it’s conceivable to join this overhang with the shelter of the newborn child vehicle seat – they can compromise.

A work look a-boo window, then again, is constantly a superior decision than the plastic ones. The way that it accompanies an extraordinary spread merits unique expressions of applause, as there are such a large number of models out there that don’t have it. It permits the parent to close the window during the breezy and nippy days.


Graco LiteRider LX Travel System

Much the same as the greater part of different surveys of this sort, the LiteRider XL Baby Stroller additionally has four hard-elastic wheels that make it simple to push the carriage around. The wheel get together is to some degree testing, however, at any rate, they roll easily overall sort of surfaces – even the marginally uneven ones.

Nonetheless, maintaining a strategic distance from the rough landscape is as yet prudent, as this pushchair was expected to be utilized distinctly on asphalt, shopping center floors, in parks, and so on.


Brakes and Restraint System

Every one of the model’s back wheels has a plastic brake, the two of which can be locked in at whatever point you need to stop the pushchair securely. Besides, both of the front wheels have locks that, when drawn in, cause the buggy to go in a straight line, which assists with mobility on uneven surfaces.

As we referenced in the introduction, both the 3-point and the 5-point tackle framework can be used on this surrey. The 5-point one is constantly a more secure choice!

Handlebar and Footrest

MrStroller Graco LiteRider LX Travel System Ames

The handlebar of Graco LiteRider LX Baby Stroller has a decent tallness run and is pleasantly cushioned for progressively open to pushing. In any case, there is only one stature setting to play with – the handlebar isn’t flexible.

The model’s ottoman is likewise non-movable, as it is fixed to the casing. In case you’re going to utilize this carriage with a more established little child, you should expel the ottoman all together to give the child a progressively agreeable ride.

Parent and Child Trays

The parent plate highlights two cup holders which aren’t that enormous and can’t oblige bigger cups and containers. The cup holder situated on the youngster’s plate is to some degree shaky and not profound, however, it despite everything fills the need and can be utilized for bottles and littler tidbits.

Final Conclusion about Graco LiteRider LX

Graco LiteRider LX Travel System

All things considered, this lightweight buggy is an incredible alternative for all guardians who need an essential, simple to-move carriage with an agreeable seat for their kid. It is without a doubt an improvement over the standard LiteRider Model, and the couple of minor imperfections that it has will presumably be revised in the following cycle.

The way that the LiteRider LX Baby Stroller Baby Travel System is exceptionally moderate is one more favorable position – it ought to be your top contender in case you’re on a limited spending plan.