The Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Travel System Double Stroller is an extravagance next to each other twofold buggy that can be utilized from birth as a twofold travel frame (utilizing two Peg Perego Primo Viaggo 4/35 newborn child vehicle situates just, FYI). Indeed, it’s one of only a handful scarcely anyone next to the other carriages that is DOUBLE vehicle seat good for baby twins!


On the off chance that you effectively possess Peg Perego Car Seat, or are arranging out your vehicle seat and buggy for your twins, certainly look at the Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Double Stroller.

There are a few things that make this buggy a strong pick for twins. Peruser and twin mother “I’ve utilized the Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Double Stroller for a year up until now, and still love it. I use it regularly! I got it since I live in a bumpy neighborhood, and it felt the most lightweight to push for me (supervisor’s note: pair carriages don’t function admirably in slopes, so one next to the other is your most logical option!). I think that it is extremely simple to control and use on uneven walkways. It gives a smooth ride, particularly contrasted with my umbrella buggy. It’s anything but difficult to spring up onto controls when going across the road.”

Another of our twin mother perusers, says, “We live in NYC, and it’s a lifeline for us here in the City — similar to having a great vehicle!”


Lastly, twin mother Kelly Fegley, says, “We have the Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Stroller, and I truly like it. I tried out numerous buggies for my twins before buying and thought this one was the lightest and least demanding to open and close.”

Features of Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere

First off, the Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Stroller has an extremely limited impression. At just 29 inches wide, this buggy fits effectively through standard entryways. “It’s shockingly thin” and my twins have a lot of room in their seats (they are currently 25 lbs each), however it can without much of a stretch fit on restricted walkways and through tight entryways.”

This is a tremendous reward, particularly for a one next to the other twofold carriage, which is a classification famous for being excessively wide. All things considered, since this present buggy’s seats are on the tight side, it may not serenely fit greater kiddos, particularly heavier children with greater bottoms. An interesting point.

The Peg Perego Book  Baby Stroller for Two Atmosphere Stroller likewise offers free seat lean back, so each kiddo can sit as far back (or upstanding) as they like. This implies in the event that one kiddo needs to rest and one is conscious, this is no problemo (read: no battling about seat position!! Woohoo!).

“it has a decent scope of movement and is anything but difficult to utilize — you can lean back with one hand. The twins have nodded off in the carriage ordinarily, and when they sit up, they can undoubtedly observe their environment.”


On the off chance that you have newborn children, note that you can lay babies in the Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Stroller without vehicle seats, yet Peg Perego doesn’t suggest doing as such until they have the chest area solidarity to hold themselves up.

Commentators likewise like how simple the buggy is to push — even one-gave — just as the movable handlebar, something that is ideal for short and tall guardians the same and that many next to each other buggies don’t offer.

Kelly concurs, “There’s a strong plastic part in the center of the padded handlebar that makes it extremely simple to push with only one hand. Likewise, the bar acclimates to various statures, so my 6’2″ spouse is open to pushing it as well.”

On the rear of each seat, there are capacity pockets to accommodate your little things, similar to keys and wipes, and work windows to take into consideration air to course through — too supportive in hotter atmospheres and on blistering summer days. There are additionally look a-boo windows with attractive terminations on the highest points of the coverings also, which is a lot calmer than Velcro.

Gracious, and discussing the coverings… they are likewise autonomously worked, so on the off chance that one of your twins enjoys the sun and the different lean towards concealing, no issue.

The Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Baby Stroller has a genuinely enormous capacity crate. It suits her needs: “I can fit covers, diapers, water bottles, and so on” But Kelly notes, “Initially, I loved that there wasn’t a bar parting the bin underneath in two areas…. however, without the bar, the crate droops with overwhelming things, so I can’t put my diaper pack in it. Not perfect. Coats and a tote are fine, however.”


The Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Stroller overlap is truly smooth. It’s one gave and overlays internal, similar to a book (thus the name!). Once collapsed, the buggy self-stands. All things considered, you can’t overlay the buggy with the vehicle seat connector on. This is a problem when you’re out on the town with this carriage and need to effectively have the option to crease it up and toss it in your trunk — yet maybe not a major issue.

The wheels, which are loaded up with polyurethane, are “Delicate Ride” and accompany metal rollers and suspension. This frame makes for an additional smooth ride (even on the more unpleasant, lopsided landscape) and gives 360-degree readiness. In addition, Kelly says she enjoys that it has the kind of wheels that don’t should be swelled, so she doesn’t stress over getting a level.

Just to level your desires…. Your assessment of the ride relies upon what you’re utilized to. Clients who have recently utilized a BOB Revolution or City Mini GT are disillusioned with the ride since they’re utilized to a genuinely tough, air-filled tire (which basically can’t be beaten), though clients who’ve utilized the normal City Mini or a standard umbrella carriage are charmingly astonished. I would state the ride is somewhere close to an off-road carriage and a standard buggy.

All things considered, in the event that you have an extremely tough landscape to fight within your everyday life — blocks, rock, grass — I would look somewhere else. Another pleasant component is that the front guard swings open so children can without much of a stretch get in and out.



Commentators state that once you append the twofold vehicle seat connector to the Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Stroller, it never again fits through entryways except if it is extra-wide/ADA (36″ versus 32″). This is a BIG bummer since the greatest intrigue of this buggy is the way limited it is. The main side-by-sides that get around this issue are those that amaze the position of the baby seats, for example, the Bumbleride Indie Twin and the Mountain Buggy Duet.

On that note, in case you’re wanting to buy this buggy (or any carriage besides), ensure it fits in your trunk. Like all side-by-sides, the Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Stroller is huge, in any event, when collapsed, and takes up a reasonable piece of the room.

Additionally takes note that it doesn’t accompany any cup holders, which is astonishing at the cost! You can buy a Peg Perego Cup Holder (good with all Peg Perego carriages) for around $25. As indicated by Peg Perego, it fits cups, containers, and jars in numerous sizes. While some vibe stiffed they don’t get the cup holder connection with the carriage, it is basic for extravagance buggies to sell these frill independently. It resembles paying extra for the web at the Ritz, yet getting it for nothing at the Holiday Inn. Go figure.

Final Conclusion about Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere


If your twins are pretty much nothing and you have or are intending to buy Peg Perego vehicle situates, the Peg Perego Book for Two Atmosphere Stroller is a decent next to each other that can be utilized as a movement framework and as a customary full-sized twofold buggy later. It’s tight and simple to push, move and overlap. It rides well over different sorts of landscapes and has a great deal of extravagance includes that make it a strong pick for your twins.

I pondered getting the City Mini, yet when I attempted them both, the Peg Perego’s simplicity of controlling and lighter weight won out. I don’t lament that decision.